Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Janet Bolton's Charming Textile Pictures

Old Linen, by Janet Bolton

Janet Bolton's work is magical for me. I am thrilled that I have received her latest book, Janet Bolton's Textile Pictures. It is yummy. It's about how she got started, what is her process, how did she find her voice, and so on - all accompanied by wonderful pictures of her work. It is in both English and French, with some of the English translations being amusing, in a most charming way. For example: "Janet Bolton, the internationally renewn british artist reveals you precious moments of her life and secrets of her fabulous textile pictures making of." I hasten to add that most of the English is impeccable. :)


  1. Janet Bolton's work is charming, whenever I see it it makes me want to start sewing myself. I can also say the same about your lovely work. I agree with you about the meditative nature of hand sewing, a sewing machine makes me feel very stressed.

  2. I've had her site bookmarked for some time now and always delight in going back and seeing what's new. Always strange, wonderful and compelling.

  3. I was wondering if you asked permission to site Janet's book...the reason being I wanted to do the same. But I want to do the right thing. I just finished a button Xmas tree hanging and it was her little tree in this same book that inspired me.


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