Friday, February 3, 2012

Looking back

A tiny cut paper Christmas scene, by Doug. It is about 1.5" tall.
Four years ago, I was just wasting time on the computer (some things never change), probably looking for something to do besides play solitaire or minesweeper or whatever game I was obsessed with at that time. I had been hearing about blogs and I wanted to know more so I went to Google and I ended up on the blogger homepage which encouraged me to give it a try - It's Easy! It's Free!

A recent example of Doug's tiny paper cuttings. The elephants in this Noah's Ark are about 1/2" tall.
So I created a blog, just to see what it was like. My first blog post was a picture of Doug's tiny paper art. It was a Christmas scene - a table where someone had been wrapping gifts. I didn't even write anything, except the title. I chose Bittersweet for my blog's name and I still love that name, but there are so many variations of Bittersweet out there, that I decided to change it. Eventually I settled on Wicked Waif for my blog and for my various online shops.

This is how the blog header looked at the start of 2010.
A few months later, I changed it to this.
During the past four years, I have written 388 posts; 2894 comments have been posted, some of them mine but mostly yours; and the blog has received 106,623 page views from people all over the world. Most of my readers are from the USA, Germany, United Kingdom and Canada (in that order), with healthy representations also from Russia, Netherlands, Hungary, Ukraine, Australia, and Finland. The most viewed post of all time is What I Make From Dryer Lint, which was fun to write and also received some wonderful, amusing comments.

What I make from dryer lint ..... BALLS!
I am grateful to the people who helped me out, right from the start. The blogger community tends to be populated with kind and generous souls. I especially appreciate the many people who have placed links to me on their blogs, encouraging their readers to pay me a visit. I can't thank them all because I don't even know who all of them may be. But the following people show up on my stats page, as having sent a good number of folks my way. Thank you so very much!

Lori Ann Corelis - The Spotted Hare
Jude Hill - Spirit Cloth
Mary Stanley - Art Spirit
Sian Thomas - Life on a (remote Scottish) Small Island
Manya Maratou - MythColour
Jacky Williams - Art4Moi
Frances Moore - Frantastic-Stitch Witchery
Mimi Kirchner - Doll
Cynthia Korzekwa - Art For Housewives
Michala Gyetvai - Kayla coo

I have no idea where I'm going with this blog in the future. I kind of want to do more making and more living in the "real" world. Which may mean less blogging. Whatever the future holds, thank you all for these past four years.

A pinkeep for Roberta.
Now, for the winner of the little pinkeep. I used an online random number  generator and it came up with the number 16, which works out to be Roberta (who tried to bribe me with a moth eaten vest). Roberta, please send me your address and I will mail the pinkeep to you.


  1. Hi Morna, thanks for this fun "history-post" I adóre the tiny papercuts by Doug !!!!
    Congrats to Roberta ( just too bad I didn't have any moth eaten vest ;-( ....)
    Keep on posting Morna and a happy weekend !

  2. Thank you, Els. I keep telling Doug he should open an Etsy shop. He is also a magnificent photographer. xo

  3. Those paper cuts are amazing! I do hope you keep posting even if it is only occasionally. I love your blog. Your work is wonderful.


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