Sunday, March 17, 2013


Children in a Mexican Village

These beautiful faces are looking at you from a photo I made on a trip to Mexico in the mid 1970s.  The trip was a gift from my mother and aunt.  We traveled together, along with my cousin Chris, for six weeks.  Well, they traveled for six weeks.  I, on the other hand, changed my air ticket to return one week earlier than originally planned, because I just had to see my boyfriend! What an idiot I was.

If you think it isn't totally stupid to give up a week in Cancun (back when Cancun was unspoiled), let me tell you the rest of the story:  When I arrived at the boyfriend's door, souvenir gift in hand (a very nice leather belt), he was unwilling to invite me in because he was entertaining another female.

Do you still think I was not totally stupid? Then how about this: Before I left, in total embarrassment and humiliation, I gave him the gift. Ugh.

At least I had five fabulous weeks with my family, driving around Mexico, seeing many sights and getting some nice photos ... including one of a man who was running away from police and was shot, right before my eyes, on the cobblestone street.


  1. It's a great photo,
    Also, i like the motto of "begin anywhere", and have found myself saying it to myself several times in the past few days since i read it here.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. Begin Anywhere is a wonderful mantra of sorts ... I find myself thinking those words often lately.

  2. Pretty funny, Morna! Not funny, ha, ha, just funny... Well, at least you got Doug, so you ended up scoring in the husband department!

    Pretty scary about the shooting, especially so long ago. I saw an old man die in front of me in Colombia in the 1980's. We took this cart up Montserrat, a mountain that overlooks Bogota and at the top, this old man had just finished coming up the side of the mountain on his knees, in penance. It was quite the undertaking and he collapsed and died. At least he went doing something he felt he needed to do...


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