Sunday, April 26, 2015

Fat Quarters & Awesomeness

I've recently discovered local tag sales that happen on Facebook - and I'm loving it. People post things they want to sell and if you like something, then you jump on it. Easy peasy. It seems that every town around here has a tag sale page on Facebook. So, I've found some awesome items and, more importantly, I've met so many nice people, right here in my own town.
Among the more awesome tag sale experiences was the opportunity to buy zillions (yes, zillions) of fat quarters at fifty cents each!
To add to the awesomeness, the seller - Sage (great name, right?) - and I hit it off right away. We had a blast talking, while I pawed through thousands of bundles of fabric.  I mean really - I was there for nearly four hours and when I finally left, it was only because I had a prior commitment. I actually returned a few days later for more fabric and fun ... MORE
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